Team Mad as a Piece of String are proud to be helping others by undertaking this challenge and would encourage you to do the same. Details of the charitable causes we are supporting are as follows:

What is left of our car and equipment at the end of the Rally will be auctioned in Mali with all the proceeds being shared amongst charities in Mali. More details can be found at

One member of our travelling group has contacts in Mali where they are desperate for basic everyday medical equipment. I have asked for a wish list which I will publish here shortly, but in the meantime, if you are able to supply sterile dressings or other useful stuff (even if it is close to or past its expiry date) then please get in touch as all donations would be most gratefully received. Email with any offers. Please note for legal reasons we are unable to transport controlled drugs or hazardous substances so offers of these will, unfortunately, have to be turned down.

Les and Dave are both past members of the National Association of Round Tables (Great Britain & Ireland) and understand the value of the work put in by this charitable organisation with local people supporting their local communities. All monetary donations will go towards their National President’s appeal to support Children’s Hospices throughout the UK. More details about the Round Table organisation can be found at