Team Mad as a Piece of String would like to gratefully thank the following sponsors.


FidoNet Registration Services – A very helpful team who provide everything from ADSL connections to web registration services, site hosting….and loads more!  These guys have sponsored this website including all costs and training. Any errors or mistakes are down to me, the author, for not listening to their instructions! (From my own experience, migrating a company website, I can thoroughly recommend these guys. Very helpful, professional and the job was done on time with no problems.) – Contact for details or telephone 0845 004 3050.

HCPHCP Cables Limited – Well I have to own up to working for this company so of course they are the best! They have donated  materials and expertise to make the trip happen. – Contact or telephone 0800 0 345 543.


Barras MarketLes & Dave would like to thank all the traders from the Barrowlands Market in Glasgow for their exceptional financial generosity. Money is still coming in and we will publish the final amount when the total is known.  



We are proud to accept sponsorship from Redmail provide the latest in secure personal email technology providing anti-virus, spam filtering, calendaring and webmail. – Contact

We also have to name Bowser and David Munson as sponsors, not financially, but they both deserve a massive thank-you for making the engine and lights work. Our thanks to Bowser who has spent many hours up to his arm pits in grease & oil doing mechanical magic that is truly beyond the average human being! and to David for helping out whilst on precious leave from the Army. Thanks guys & the beer is on us.

St Johns Ambulance

St. Johns from Brackley in South Northamptonshire have donated a good amount of “no longer needed” kit. This includes a large medical box and assorted dressings, swabs, wipes etc. Thanks guys it is very much appreciated.


Cliff Coleman has been very supportive so I am pleased to push his website here. Cliff makes all sorts of wood products, not boring mass produced stuff but individually crafted pieces and I have to say that the photos on his site do not do the pieces justice.